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PATHFINDER- He and his sister Shadow are almost identical in looks, but have very different personalities. He is larger and much more outgoing and rambunctious. He loves to play and will demand attention. He and his sister Shadow would do better if t...
SQUIRT- This is Squirt. He is extremely sweet & loving. Loves to play and get attention. And loves his brother Sideways. We would like to keep them together, but will consider adopting them separately. Please email Jessica at for...
This kitten is a 7 week old male. He has had his first shot but is due for his booster. I am moving in two days. He has diarrhea.
Tori is one lovable kitten. She loves to make biscuits and play. She will zoom around when she gets feeling like it. She will cuddle in bed or on the sofa. She doesn't like to be ignored. She a great little kitten who would love a family of her own.
Memphis is very lovable. He's outgoing and full of spunk. He will find you and want all the love you are able to give. He loves to cuddle right under your chin get as close to you as possible. He spends mistime cuddling and playing.
Princess Cali is one of the most loving playful kittens. She loves to make biscuits very silly and a joy to foster. She gives you the most silly looks! We just love her and she mould make a great addition to a family.
Finn is the best little boy. When he is getting love he's making biscuits and purring. He loves to rub himself on you and lick you. Finn is very out going and playful, a delight to have. He was bottle fed and only knows good in this world. He also will nibble when being loved on.
Penny is a tiny ball of excitement. She is tiny but mighty. She loves to play and cuddle. She will seek you out and doesn't like to be ignored. She loves doing the zoomies around the house and playing with the other foster kittens.
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