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3 tabbies male , 1 smokey gray, beautiful, playful. 18 weeks old 760-900-7220 Hesperia, free to good home
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Meet Magnolia. She started coming by my house two or so months ago, I suspect she's an abandoned pet, and we've been leaving food and water out for her ever since. She's wary of humans but has warmed up to me and my family over time. We suspected she was pregnant but didn't know for sure until she started bringing her kittens with her to eat and drink. I'm looking for homes for her kittens as w...
Luna is 5 months old. She was surrendered bc she is too hyper. She is a baby. Typical for kittens. She can be a little feisty girl but can be super cuddly! I had her go around my 2 cat s she s ok if she stays away. She needs someone who has experience with animals. I am training for her to learn the word no . She was raised by another family with little kids she will feel a little traumatized w...
ATHENA is one of a batch of kittens released in the desert near our Sanctuary. A couple of them are coming along nicely but won't be available for a few weeks as our Vet hasn't deemed them completely healthy as yet. Stubborn case of tape worms. They ...
Hi I am Henry, I love Love to play.. I am so lovable... I love to hug my family. I have bonded with my foster brother. We are pretty much always together. When I want love I will find you and reach up to have you hold me. I enjoy rubbing my face all over my foster mommy and daddy. I play with all my foster sisters and brothers. I am the kindest kitten my mommy has every raised.
Penny is a tiny ball of excitement. She is tiny but mighty. She loves to play and cuddle. She will seek you out and doesn't like to be ignored. She loves doing the zoomies around the house and playing with the other foster kittens.
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